The teeth, the gums and the bone all function as a unit and all need to be kept healthy all the time. They are all susceptible to the ravages of plaque.

The teeth may develop dental decay and need filling; Caps may be ill-fitting and unsightly; teeth may need to be replaced. The treatment of these challenges is the field of the prosthodontist.

The gums may become swollen, red and inflamed.

The bone may start to erode under the gums.

The treatment of gums and bone and implant placement is the field of the periodontist.

Both the prosthodontist and the periodontist are able to diagnose these changes and recommend the appropriate approach to restoring long-term dental health.

What are the benefits of the prosthodontist and the periodontist working so closely together?

  • Joint diagnosis and treatment planning. The ideal prosthodontic treatment plan based on a sound periodontal foundation.
  • The ease of access of one to the other to your benefit. No need for long distance planning nor a long wait for the next appointment.
  • Close collaboration in the placement of implants in the correct and appropriate position.
  • The choice of implant system
  • Saving you time and expense
  • and many more reasons…

Comprehensive dentistry is multidisciplinary . The best practices seek to provide this service and we strive to do the same. It is all about having the best team.

Dr Rakesh Chandran , periodontist and I as the prosthodontist, work together as a great team to offer you world-class dentistry right here in Johannesburg .


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