Why Was I Never Told?

I never knew about all the specialities in dentistry. I know about Oral surgeons who take out wisdom teeth. I know about Orthodontists who straighten teeth and make one look pretty.

But I never knew about Periodontists or Prosthodontists! I have been going to the dentist regularly for treatment and had never been made aware of the higher level of care that is available by specialists.

I really care about my teeth and want them to last a lifetime.

Consider these scenarios…

  • A filling has broken on a tooth which has been worked on so many times. Each time it is an inconvenience and more money, yet the problem persists. I am now told that the tooth needs an implant. Should this really have happened if I have been so conscientious with my dental visits?
  • I am told that I need a root treatment.
  • I have persistent pain in a tooth and nobody can find out why.
  • My gums are bleeding all the time.
  • A tooth has loosened.
  • Food catches between my teeth and I cannot floss without the floss tearing.
  • The crown on my front tooth is always falling out

Do your front teeth look like this?

image 1

Do your back teeth look like this?


The care you will get from a Prosthodontist looks like this…



images 3

Is this the care you deserve?

A prosthodontist has acquired advanced skills to help you look after your teeth and achieve long-term dental health.

Take the first step towards good dental help, by giving us a call.


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