The Use Of Implants To Restore Missing Teeth Continues To Be On The Increase. And So Is Its Abuse!

The CEO of leading manufacturer of dental implants in South Africa recently returned from a trip to the United States where he spent time visiting the foremost dental practices involved in the placement of dental implants. It is a worldwide phenomenon that 30% of implants placed are botched. Unfortunately there is a similar trend here in South Africa.

Why? The problems include poor planning, the wrong choice of implant system; incorrect placement – the list goes on and on.
Many implants then need to be redone, if at all possible , at great expense and discomfort.
Why not get your implants done right the first time?

The good news is that I now have an in-house periodontist with whom I shall be working closely in the planning and placement of implants. Dr Rakesh Chandran is a highly talented periodontist with much experience in implant placement. He will begin working with me from the beginning June. Please come and meet him.

There is a great advantage to you my patient in working with an in-house periodontist for a host of reasons…
Many times, implant treatment requires multidisciplinary planning and having a periodontist on hand has enormous benefit. The ease of communication between us is like one hand washing the other. All implant dentistry should be prosthodontically driven and good planning is fundamental for long-term success.

There is close cooperation between myself and Dr Chandran both during and after implant placement. The entire implant procedure is carefully controlled and this minimises any clinical error.

Our relationship will add greatly to your long-term dental health
Enjoy the benefits of first world dentistry right here in Johannesburg and at an affordable price.

We look forward to meeting with you soon.

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