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The Dentist

The Dentist

Dr Kaplan says, “I came across this charming poem in a pamphlet which was written in 1944”

by Dorothy Gray

I used to like the dentist very much,
He really seemed to be most awfully kind;
But since one dreadful day,
I’m afraid I must say
That I’m sorry, but I’ve had to change my mind.

I’ll tell you just exactly how it happened;
I’d only been to see him just once or twice,
And I loved to sit up there
In his funny high armchair;
And a visit to the dentist seemed quite nice.

But once I had a very wobbly tooth;
I’d tried to pull it out but I just couldn’t !
And I asked him not to touch
(Though it didn’t hurt me much)
And he shook his head and promised that he wouldn’t.

So I let him have a look inside my mouth,
That he would keep his word I had no doubt;
but in spite of what he said
He grabbed the tooth instead;
And though you won’t believe me, took it out !

Now it wasn’t that I minded what he did;
If he’d warned me I’d have been quite brave, I’m sure;
But they’ll never get me there,
In that silly high armchair;
And I’ll never trust a dentist anymore !


Our relationship with our patient is based on trust.

With good ongoing dental care, your teeth should last your lifetime.

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