Services - Prosthodontist in Johannesburg
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How Can We Help You?

Implant Dentistry

Dental implants are one of those techniques that sometimes cause misunderstandings. Costs may vary. Procedures can be difficult to understand. And if you don’t get the right explanations from the outset, you may feel as though you are beginning the procedure with more questions than answers! Let us demystify the dental implant procedure and establish if you are a suitable candidate.

Dr Kaplan has 45 years of experience in implant dentistry and answers some commonly asked questions about this effective procedure.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth naturally darken as we age. Over time, staining may be caused by exposure to coffee, tea, soda, tobacco, and certain foods. Discoloration can also occur because of certain childhood illnesses, medications, physical trauma, etc. We will examine your teeth and gums to ensure good oral health. Old fillings may need to be replaced and/or decayed areas treated and filled.

Most patients will need to bleach for only three to eight nights, however, sometimes we may recommend bleaching during waking hours or for shorter time periods.

The Emotional Smile Evaluation

The Emotional Smile Evaluation is designed to reveal your subjective perceptions about your smile. Our questions have been structured to give us deeper insight into the way in which your smile affects your self-image. Are you ready for the challenge? Take the quiz and bring your answers along to your first consultation.

The Objective Smile Evaluation

The Objective Smile Evaluation is structured to show you the difference between how you smile “normally” and how wide your smile is when you lose self-consciousness and respond naturally to a joke, something funny or something that touches you. How much are you holding back? Take the quiz now and find out.