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A Guide To The Restoration of Back Teeth


Facial harmony and a beautiful smile are dependant on the health of back teeth


Do you want to be like a family member who hates their dentures?

Benefit from fine dentistry and do it right the first time.

Healthy Teeth

Teeth are designed to last a lifetime if kept free of plaque and regularly maintained with well spaced recall appointments. What nicer than to have your dentist say “ All is fine, your gums are healthy and your plaque control is immaculate and your smile is beautiful ”.

Regular daily brushing and flossing pays enormous dividends.

Healthy Back Teeth

Defective Amalgams

Run your tongue over your teeth and see how they feel. There is no way to feel a defective filling unless the tooth is chipped; cracked; or the gums are bleeding.

These two pictures illustrate fillings that need to be replaced because of the inability to floss; recurrent dental decay; and the potential for fracture. They are promoting gum disease which is a slow ongoing and generally painless process and eventually results in tooth loss. These teeth have been filled inadequately and are waiting for problems to develop.

Defective Composite

Derfective composites

Gain the benefits of replacing outdated and defective fillings on the back teeth.

Amalgam Restorations


Amalgam fillings are a time-tested restoration that can be provided at a reasonable cost.

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Gold Inlays

Gold inlay/Gold onlay

This is the most ideal solution amongst conservative treatments, since this is the kind of filling, the shape of which can be formed to give the most aesthetic result.

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Ceramic Inlays

Ceramic Restoration

The ceramic restoration is the ideal modern replacement of both amalgam fillings and gold inlays and far surpasses the quality and longevity of composite restorations.

Back teeth can look as natural as front teeth with a ceramic restoration

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No dentistry is the best dentistry. One should do regular brushing and flossing and exercise a discretionary intake of sweets and chocolates.

How many times would you like a tooth to be filled in your lifetime? Why not do things properly the first time by choosing the correct restorative material and having the work done to a high level of clinical excellence. Amalgam; gold; or porcelain are to be the materials of choice.

Beware of the old adage, “If it doesn’t hurt, it’s okay!”