It’s ALL about the patient Part 2 - Prosthodontist in Johannesburg
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It’s ALL about the patient Part 2

It is ALL About the patient- Part 2


Your mouth belongs to you and nobody else. It is your private domain and only you know how it looks, feels and functions. It’s only you who is aware of something wrong if there is pain or discomfort. The ownership is yours.

We ask you the questions

  • how does your mouth feel
  • what do you value most about your teeth
  • do you want to chew comfortably
  • do you want them to function well
  • looking ahead 5 to 10 or even 15 years down the line, what you hope your teeth will look like
  • what role does prevention play for you when it comes to your mouth
  • is the extent of treatment limited by third-party providers

These are your unique and personal wants and desires .We as dentists are here to provide solutions to these wants and desires. It’s also our professional duty to make you aware of your dental needs and help you address them.

As I said in my previous article, many dental problems are painless but nevertheless require attention, sometimes immediate and sometimes they can be delayed. How these problems are dealt with in terms of time, effort and expense is your choice .These choices need to be discussed in a treatment planning session. There are options which have differing outcomes and differing costs. This is an important and essential appointment.

As one of my teachers once said; “Inform before you perform”. The success of treatment is in the planning and the skill of the operator and what you choose to have done.

Your trust in us is implicit and there needs to be value for the service. You really do not know what technical issues we face. You don’t want to know what type of impression material we use; nor what lining material is chosen; nor what luting cement is based. You rely on us that the impression is accurate and that the final restoration fits accurately and is of high quality-no leaking margins; no food trap. The competence of the dentist is taken as given.

No patient is interested in the selection of instruments used; the make of the compressor; or with a high velocity suction machine is located. The patient just wants to know that the dentist is adequately equipped and trained for the task at hand.

Your whole dental experience is based on how you feel. Was the staff pleasant? Was the Dr on time? Was the restroom clean and tidy? Did the injection hurt? Were the magazines fresh and up-to-date? Was the dental assistant efficient and empathetic? Did you appreciate the quality of the service? Were there cobwebs on the corners of the walls? Was the background music pleasant? Was practice accessibility and parking easy?

And so how do you value the service?

Are you limited by your medical aid third-party contribution or are you willing to pay a fee that is reasonable and fair and does not compromise your long-term expectations. They have no long-term interest in your dental health. Do you want to be dictated to by a disinterested third party?

Not only is dentistry a science but it is an art. Consummate skill, adequate time,and much effort are all needed to serve you well.

Dentistry today offers an array of wonderful solutions which are tailor-made to you. The choice of materials and treatment options is large.

What value and benefit to you place on experience? What value do you place on art and what price are you prepared to pay for a unique service?

Did you feel the benefit and are you happy to refer your friends and family?

We want to see you for regular maintenance visits to ensure long-term results.

Enjoy healthy and easily maintainable teeth.

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