If Teeth Could Speak - Prosthodontist in Johannesburg
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If Teeth Could Speak

If Teeth Could Speak


If your teeth could speak to you is this not what they might be saying?

  • Please spend the time twice each day to brush me and floss me well. I want my gums to also be healthy. I want to have a pleasant breath.
  • I would love my teeth in your mouth to remain healthy and sound to last you a lifetime. I want to be able to help you chew your food well and be part of your beautiful smile.
  • Please look after for me by taking me to the dentist regularly to have me checked and cleaned.
  • Please be careful not to give me too many sweets, chocolates and cold drinks. If you do indulge, please rinse me thoroughly afterwards so that the sugar doesn’t linger.
  • I don’t want to get cavities! But if I do unfortunately have to have a tooth treated, please let the dentist that you take me to explain the options of treatment. I don’t want my filling to be done quickly, sloppily and cheaply. I am too precious to you to be taken for granted and so casually.
  • I don’t want the same tooth to be worked on over and over again so that the cavity becomes bigger and bigger and then I land up having to have a root treatment.
  • I am told that root treatments can sometimes fail and then I may have to be extracted with the unfavourable consequences. This could have been avoided in the first place.
  • I don’t want you to suffer from a chronic abscess.
  • I also know that implants are a wonderful option but not a panacea for the real thing. They really can be costly.
  • I’m also told that our medical aid is not an ATM just to get money out of.
  • Please familiarise yourself with the medical aid scheme rules that we belong to. Don’t allow the health professional that you have taken me to, to be limited by what the medical aid will pay. I want the best for myself and for you. I don’t want you to be dictated to by a third party about what can or can’t be done. They are our teeth – not theirs.
  • I don’t want to crack or break and cause you inconvenience and pain because I was not treated properly the first time round.
  • Please don’t book an appointment for me if you are not going to keep it for us. I don’t want to feel the embarrassment.
  • I don’t want to cause you unnecessary expense if prevention is so effective.
  • Don’t you think that if you take me to a prosthodontist initially, you will be looking after me so much better? He is so much more knowledgeable and better trained than a regular dentist.

I really love being so closely connected and attached to you. I want to be with you for a lifetime!

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