Getting To The Root Of It

Addressing Implant Pain At The Root

Just Imagine walking around for months on end with pain around an implant crown that had been inserted to replace a missing lower front tooth.
The patient went to a couple of dentists, who could not help her. One even suggested the drastic solution of removing the tooth.
Luckily the patient was not happy with that suggestion and declined his offer.
Instead she turned to Dr Google and came across my website and made an appointment to see me.
I took a x-ray and I saw clearly what the root of her pain was (pardon the pun). The missing tooth was replaced with an implant. The implant was too large for the space and was causing unnecessary pain.
I decided to unscrew the crown in order to inspect the implant. I was not surprized to find that the crown that had been placed was too big and too bulky for the space.
As a result, the excess porcelain was pushing down onto the soft tissue, causing the patient continuous pain. I adjusted the crown by trimming the excess porcelain.
The relief the patient felt was instantaneous and she left very happy.
She was even happier with the fact that she hadn’t had to endure the trauma of pulling a tooth.
So, in conclusion, what can I draw from this:
Implant dentistry requires planning and skill.

Make sure to start this journey with a Prosthodontist.
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