Every telephone call is made with a purpose. - Prosthodontist in Johannesburg
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Every telephone call is made with a purpose.

By: Dr Gerald Kaplan

There is a need, want or desire. Something has motivated the caller to make the call. The telephone number may hav…e been gotten by recommendation or the person may have taken the time and effort to surf the Internet looking for the particular procedure in mind.

Oftentimes the call has an urgency to fulfil a pressing need or may just be a spur of the moment flash.

So too with a call to our dental office. Our staff are trained to take the call and guide you.

This morning a patient called asking about laser tooth bleaching. We did not know how he had found the practice or how much you knew about the procedure. The receptionist enquired if he had researched the subject on YouTube. He was surprised to know that even laser tooth bleaching is featured on YouTube.

We told him that tooth bleaching has specific indications and is a prescriptive procedure. The natural teeth need to be in a condition for bleaching. This can only be assessed by clinical examination. In this office we offer complete dental care designed to help you keep your teeth for life. Bleaching may in fact be one of the treatment modalities needed in this case.

A simple phone call about bleaching may be the catalyst in helping you get good advice about the total health of your mouth and teeth. Teeth are designed to last a lifetime and you want them to feel good and look good.

Give us a call on 011 483 2281 for a free consultation. We will guide you in the way that you want to go. Your telephone call will certainly have been worthwhile.

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