Approach to Treatment

What is important to you?

What do you value?

How would you like your teeth to be in 10 to 15 years down the line?


  • We want to make sure that you get the best possible treatment
  • The reality is that you can choose to get the result that you are looking for
  • We want to understand from your point of view what you are seeking to achieve

Initial Consultation

This is the first opportunity to meet each other and for you to feel comfortable  in having chosen our practice.


Our  relaxed discussion will focus on what you are trying to achieve. I will gain a good understanding of your concerns and expectations for prosthodontist treatment. You will have the opportunity of talking about your past dental history and any other concerns that you may have. We will be able to establish your  goal for treatment  going forward.


This conversation will be followed by a thorough visual and dental clinical examination in the dental chair. I will be able to check  the specific concern that has  brought you to see us and recommend any possible immediate treatment.


I will also be able to do  a detailed assessment of the muscles of your face; jaw joint; tongue; soft tissue; gums; teeth and past dental treatment. 

Oftentimes it will be necessary to look beyond by means with x-rays.


A  initial panoramic radiograph is the standard of care. This x-ray will provide an overall view.It will reveal many situations that are not detectable in the clinical examination…These include impacted wisdom teeth; dental decay; bone loss; abscesses; drifting teeth; osseograted  integrated implants; the state of current restorations and many more conditions.


Intra-oral x-rays will give a clearer definition of specific problems including the detection of dental decay and abscesses.

Implant Dentistry

Implant dentistry requires careful planning. This includes establishing the type of implant system to use and the positioning of the implant .


A CBCT  scan is essential not only for the assessment of implant dentistry but also for the evaluation of the underlying bone surround each tooth.

Diagnostic study casts

These diagnostic study casts will reveal possible occlusal wear; drifting and shifting of teeth as a  result of tooth extraction ; excessive overbites; arch formation; shape and size of the arches

Clinical Photos

Clinical photographs are an essential element in dental treatment planning.

Treatment planning consultation.

This will be the opportunity to discuss  with you or other family member the clinical findings including treatment options and the costs thereof.


A treatment planning consultation will be scheduled after all the necessary diagnostic information has been gathered and reviewed.


We will have a discussion with you leading to fulfilling your long-term treatment objectives. Arising out of this discussion, a dental treatment plan for your complete dental health will evolve.


You will become a fully informed patient.

An investment in your dental health pays dividends for a lifetime

It is our goal to help each of our patients understand the ultimate level of dental health that is achievable for them, and then to help them reach their dental health goals by delivering the very highest quality of dental care.


Quality comes from the caring attitude combined with technical know-how. It this special combination that enables each patient to reach the ultimate goal: long-term dental health with a happy, healthy beautiful smile.


We have great news for you… You’ve come to the right place

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