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Clinical Cases

Gummy Smile

Full mouth rehabilitation

All-on-Four Conversion

Removable implant – borne reconstruction

it’s your choice!

Would you like gold or porcelain? Both have longevity and are a good solution in providing ideal dentistry.

The  gold inlay has lasted  for many years. The ceramic inlay works well and this restoration has lasted for  over 10 years and the tooth remains sound and healthy

“What can I do about my smile” asked Andre. I have seen so many dentists and nobody has been able to help me!

This patient required extensive treatment which involves placing implants and restoring the teeth with implant crowns and porcelain veneers.

The treatment took over a year to complete and the patient is now ecstatic. He now has a beautiful smile: his mouth feels comfortable and eat and chew with confidence.


Porcelain crowns restored this patient smile and self-confidence. She also needed to have gum treatment as part of the total treatment plan.

Kevin was self-conscious for years about his tetracycline stained teeth.


Bleaching of the lower teeth and restoring the upper teeth with porcelain restorations made him a happy patient with a beautiful smile-a grin from ear to ear.

Taking off old crowns often presents a challenge because one doesn’t know what’s underneath.


This patient needed to have extensive treatment over a lengthy period of time. The treatment included implants and porcelain crowns.


This beautiful lady’s front tooth was damaged in an accident.


What do you think of the final result? The tooth was restored with a porcelain crown to carefully match the adjacent teeth.


“Every time I go on holiday my front tooth breaks!”
How awful.
“Please help me restore my smile with confidence”.
We did it with a porcelain crown carefully stained and glazed by my technician.


Modern materials offer exciting possibilities today.


This patient suffered from severe tooth erosion causing an embarrassing smile and very sensitive teeth.

What a difference we achieved! A changed personality

Hollywood White was the request.


Yes, dentures are also an option.


This patient gets compliments all the time. People cannot believe the difference.

Skilfully crafted porcelain crowns have recreated a beautiful smile.

Would you not be devastated if your front tooth broke like that? Can you now tell the difference between the crown and the natural teeth?

An implant reconstruction on four implants at the bottom and an upper denture gave this patient back her smile ,confidence and comfort.

“Was this treatment worth it” I asked Roy. “You bet” he said. It has changed my life.


No more having to visit the dentist at the most inconvenient time. I now have comfort and long-term dental health.

A single tooth implant was done to achieve this beautiful result.

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