Braces At My Age

That sounds ridiculous!?

Yes – adults can also have orthodontics!

Yes – many times adults need orthodontics!~

Strange but true.

How many adults have you seen walking around with braces on the teeth?

But why?

Everybody wants a beautiful smile with sound healthy teeth to last a lifetime.

The surprise comes when being told that orthodontics is part of the total treatment plan…

  • With time teeth may have drifted and shifted into the incorrect position making the implant placement impossible without correcting the bite.
  • You may be experiencing pain in the joints of the jaw.
  • You may need orthognathic surgery to correct a jaw relationship.
  • You may be grinding your teeth excessively causing wear and tear
  • You just want a beautiful smile and orthodontics was not affordable when you were younger.

The finest dentistry begins with a comprehensive examination and treatment plan. You may need orthodontics.

Give us a call. You will be happy that you did.



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