Benefits - Prosthodontist in Johannesburg
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Focusing On What Matters  

The Finest Dentistry – Made Affordable

There is a reason that you have called to see us. We want to help. Our patients are like family and we want the best for them.

The first visit provides an opportunity to get to know you and establish what you would like to achieve in terms of long-term dental health. You may have an immediate problem that needs to be addressed and this will be attended to as soon as is feasibly possible.

Besides  the specific issue at hand, most patients are unaware of how to achieve long-term dental health. We are here to provide you with the appropriate treatment plan in a warm and caring atmosphere.

We will guide you to make the right choice of treatment. You will be empowered to be involved in the treatment planning.

We look forward to meeting with you and working with you.

A complete diagnosis and treatment plan involves gathering records which  may include x-rays, diagnostic study casts, a possible CBCT scan and a treatment planning consultation. This will then incur costs. All this will be discussed with you in advance and will require your consent.


Smile With Confidence

A smile doesn’t just indicate healthy teeth and gums; your dental health also plays a significant role in  how  confident you feel. Think about it… If you are self-conscious about your smile, you’re not going to feel very good about interacting with others.

Research shows that the better you feel about your looks, the better you feel about yourself. You can be more relaxed, being in the moment and able to laugh joyfully. You feel more confident and radiant.

The fact that smiling itself boosts your mood has a further positive impact because smiling has a contagious effect.” When you smile, others are more likely to smile back and are more drawn to you, thereby increasing your confidence and happiness even more. Most people are not aware of how important a smile is in how perceive them or in  how they feel about themselves”, says psychologist Ann Demarais, Ph.D.


Chew With Ease

Have you ever sat  for  a meal at home or in a restaurant and had to decline the serving because of a  tooth problem ? Have you been bothered about food wedging between your teeth as you eat or had the immediate need for a toothpick? Have you had pain when eating?  How many people have you seen cover their mouths with their hand to deal with an irritating dental problem? That is not pleasant and shouldn’t be.

Let’s help you have a comfortable set of teeth.

See what Mr Soobramoney Had To Say About His Experience With Dr Kaplan

Increase Your Self-Esteem

Why feel embarrassed to smile and feel withdrawn and introverted? Make a positive change and feel so much better. Have a look at our “smile analysis form” and let us work together.


A Lifetime of Dental Comfort

Ouch! No patient wants  the pain and inconvenience of a cracked tooth. Avoiding a cracked tooth is oftentimes not rocket science. It can sometimes happen unexpectedly but most times it is preventable. A detailed clinical assessment will highlight any potential problems that need attention The goal is hasslefree long-term dental comfort. It is all in the planning.

Avoiding an abscess developing can also be nipped in the bud. Don’t wait for a crisis.