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Back Teeth – Dentistry of Clinical Excellence: Long Lasting & Long Term Value

These are the real questions that have an impact on long-term dental health:
  • Has the appropriate material been chosen?
  • Has the tooth been adequately prepared?
  • Has the tooth been restored to its original anatomy or just filled?
  • Has the filling been properly placed?
  • Is there an open contact?

Many people believe that amalgam is toxic to the body. This patient requested that the amalgam fillings be replaced with ceramic inlays. Ceramic inlays are long-lasting and durable.

Both teeth have poorly done composites fillings. The patient is unable to floss between the teeth and the fillings are promoting gum disease.

These fillings have now been replaced with ceramic inlays making it easy to floss and allowing the gum to return back to good health.

Both molar and premolar teeth as yet untouched by a dentist but in need of treatment. Notice the decay and poor plaque control.

The patient has the opportunity to elect for ideal dentistry – a conservative gold inlay and a ceramic onlay.

This is restorative dentistry that will last for many years.

Both amalgam fillings are defective. Decay has ravaged the premolar tooth.

Conservative dentistry preserves as much natural tooth material as possible enhancing its life.

Modern porcelain materials restore the teeth back to health with proper shape and form.

Notice the decay (dark area ) on an otherwise beautiful set of teeth. No dentist has attempted to restore the tooth yet with a compromised restoration. This is the time to see a prosthodontist!

The tooth was restored conservatively with a ceramic inlay maintaining the natural anatomy of shape and form.

Ideal dentistry.

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