Aesthetics: A Need indeed… - Prosthodontist in Johannesburg
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Aesthetics: A Need indeed…

By: Dr Gerald Kaplan

Dental aesthetics is a subject on which books have been written and is a topic of continuous postgraduate education at every level.

Every dentist strives to improve his skill in providing his patients with good-looking teeth be they their natural teeth or teeth that have needed to have restorative treatment.

Natural teeth present their challenge in achieving beautiful aesthetics. The treatment may involve minor adjustments; orthodontic treatment; composite restorations or even veneers.

I have a questionnaire on the website which leads you through many questions that allow a diagnosis to be made for the suitable treatment plan to be followed.

Teeth that have had previous dentistry like extensive anterior composite restoration which have now become unsightly and discoloured need their own special approach. The clinical situation determines the treatment plan.

Teeth that have been crowned and that now have a black margin around the gum can also be improved with aesthetic dentistry.

The choice of materials that are available today are so wide and again which material to use is dependent on the clinical situation. It is so important for the prosthodontist to work with a talented technician to provide beautiful anterior aesthetics when teeth are to be capped.

As in every aspect of restorative dentistry an initial consultation is the starting point of establishing exactly your wants and desires. One can take the treatment from there.

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