Adult Orthodontics – An education…

By: Dr Gerald Kaplan

Have you noticed how many adults are wearing orthodontic bands and wondered why?

Very few people like to talk about their dental treatment but adult orthodontics has become more and more popular for a host of very good reasons.

Let’s explore some of the reasons why adult orthodontics is indicated…

Unfortunately many people have lost permanent teeth at a young age. This results in drifting and shifting of the remaining teeth causing a change in the bite which can be corrected even as an adult.

  1. Many adult patients have not had the benefit of orthodontics as a child and have grown self-conscious about the look of their teeth.
  2. As a result of periodontal disease and bone loss the permanent teeth drift and shift and need to be brought back into position to facilitate further treatment
  3. The placement of dental implants to replace missing teeth requires adequate space between the remaining teeth. Many times the space is inadequate and can be regained with orthodontic treatment.
  4. Patients become self-conscious of the aesthetic appearance of their teeth.
  5. Orthognatic surgery to correct majorly mal aligned jaws requires preliminary orthodontic treatment prior to the surgery.

All these conditions are frequently identified in a routine prosthodontic consultation. It is with careful questioning that the desire of patients are identified and the appropriate treatment can then be planned.

Don’t be afraid of adult orthodontics. It is highly predictable and the bands can even be hidden behind the teeth so as to not have the world know what is happening.

Don’t be shy to explore the possibility of adult orthodontics… It may certainly be worth the time and effort spent.

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