Adult Dentistry

Many patients enter into adulthood with phobias of dentistry stemming from early bad childhood experiences. The visit to a dentist at an early age if not carefully handled can often be very traumatic and leaves an ever- lasting fearful impression. Most people have not been taught from an early age to start a daily routine of  effective oral hygiene habits. Prevention is always better than cure. Sound healthy teeth are  designed to last for a lifetime if properly cared for.

The two most common causes of tooth loss in an  adult patient are periodontal disease and tooth decay.  Both are preventable conditions if treated appropriately.

Let your childhood fears disappear. Modern dentistry has changed the paradigm. We are in an   exciting world with advanced  technology , new procedures and new materials.

 So many adults wait until real restorative problems develop before visiting the dentist. This may include a host of conditions including failing past dentistry which has come to the end of its usefulness. The list goes on. They now present with serious issues which may require  advanced dental procedures .

This may involve  an enormous investment to set things right. It becomes a commitment to time, effort and expense.

The prosthodontist is the highly skilled and well-trained professional to advise a patient in choosing the appropriate treatment and work with the patient to bring the treatment to fruition… No better than having a happy patient.

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