A THIRD CHANCE - Prosthodontist in Johannesburg
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Implants have been used for many years in dental treatment for the replacement of missing teeth. The benefits are enormous and many a mouth has been restored back to good health.

From  time implants were first introduced into the world of dentistry, vast improvements have taken place. Implant dentistry is a very sophisticated treatment option.

The basic principle is that the implant makes a solid attachment to the bone providing a foundation for many restorative options.  It is  not quite  as simple as just drilling a hole in the bone and screwing in the implant. Much skill is demanded.

There has also been a major advance in the radiographic examination of the underlying bone through  3D visualisation. This is done with a CBCT scan. This x-ray allows for a careful examination of the underlying bone and detailed planning  can take place prior to undertaking the surgical procedures.

Due to many reasons permanent are lost . This is where implants offer another chance but there is no fourth change.

Prevention is always better than cure.

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