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A Mouse Trap

A Mouse Trap

Everybody wants a beautiful smile. Everybody wants a comfortable mouth.

Everybody wants to enjoy eating their food. Everybody wants to enjoy self-esteem.

Sound healthy teeth provide all of this and more.

So what really is cosmetic dentistry? It is a buzzword.

There are so many ways to achieve all your dental wants and desires. Smile makeovers and a mouth restored in a day is what one sees on television but the reality is different.

Yes, there are modern techniques and sophisticated technology to offer fine restorative dentistry and there are many competent dentists who can offer this service. CAD-CAM dentistry offers restorative dentistry done in one visit. It is very technique sensitive and requires operator skill.

Are the results better than the time-tested techniques of conventional dentistry? Ask the question.

Have you considered adult orthodontics to achieve a beautiful smile?

Have you considered the biologic price of cutting sound healthy teeth to place veneers or porcelain crowns which certainly do not last a lifetime. The results are immediate and amazing, but for how long?

Natural teeth if properly maintained will last a lifetime.

Do your homework carefully before deciding on irreversible treatment.


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