All children love sweets. It is a fact of life. To keep them away from sweets is almost impossible. It’s part of being sociable with one’s little friends.

Let me share with you what happened to my grandson and great grandniece.

Both my daughter and niece called asking for help. They said that their children were kept up at night with toothache.

Both children are six years old, and a clinical examination on both of them revealed deciduous (baby) teeth ravaged by decay.

Deciduous teeth play a vital role in a child’s dental development. They are the precursor to permanent teeth and hold the space in the jaw for the permanent teeth to erupt from then on until the age of approximately 12. They are precious and need to be looked after appropriately.

That means regular brushing and fluoride treatment. The consumption of sugary sweets needs to be kept to a minimum. Parents have a responsibility.

Children need to be introduced to a dental office at an early age. It is suggested to bring them in regularly from the age of two just to have a ride in the chair and experience the fun. That takes the fear away and certainly encourages parents to look after their precious baby teeth.

 The only way to treat these children was with the help of conscious sedation. A specialist anaesthetist was brought into the rooms. He set up with all his dedicated equipment and was able to allow me, while each child was comfortable and sleeping, to work. I was able to do all the necessary restorative treatment to bring their mouths back to good health.

The purpose of conscious sedation is to produce a state of relaxation and pain relief using the appropriate medication to facilitate performing minor procedures.

Besides facilitating the necessary treatment, the child wakes up with no recall of the experience and no long-term fear of visiting a dentist in the future. How many people do you know who dread coming to the dentist because of being poorly handled as a child?

Both children now have healthy, decay-free mouths that need to be properly looked after from now on.

Perhaps you know of children who may need the service. Please feel free to call. We would love to help.


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