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A different dental experience

By: Dr Gerald Kaplan

Often the perception of dental treatment is skewed by fear. Who actually likes to come to the dentist? It involves time, effort and expense. By nature we procrastinate and let things go for far too long.

I had a patient in the other day requesting that his upper front tooth restored. He did not like the way he looked and he was embarrassed. He turned for help.

I asked him a very simple question: “Are you fully aware of what’s happening in your mouth”. “No”, he replied. This is a typical answer for most people because they only turn for help in crisis when  there is pain or  trauma.

The possibility of, trauma, pain, danger and lack of control is a major cause of fear.

But, this does not have to be so. The health of your mouth is so important for many reasons including chewing, smiling, and  talking.

You need to know exactly what the status of your dental health is. You deserve to have a mouth that is healthy and in which you will have continual comfort. Teeth should just belong without an awareness of their being there.

How do you gain control of your long-term dental health?

Of course it starts in seeing the dentist long before a problem develops. Most dental problems are painless and take many years to develop. In the clinical examination, if we see some teeth that aren’t hurting you at this point but could potentially pose a problem, what would you like to do about it?

Ongoing dental maintenance of a healthy mouth is low-cost. Problems can become expensive.

We offer a different dental experience by spending time getting to know you and finding out exactly what you would like to achieve before treatment starts. In dentistry today there are many treatment options. Every patient is an individual and every treatment plan should be tailor-made. In this office it is not “drill, fill, bill”.

You are special to us.

Give us a call and let’s help you change your life.

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