June 2016 - Prosthodontist in Johannesburg
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June 2016

Advice from a Prosthodontist For Your Long-Term Dental Health

You have just seen the dentist for a specific problem and now after asking for an assessment of the rest of your mouth, you are told of the need for much dentistry to provide you with long-term dental health. That is a shock in itself especially when everything else feels fine. And then, on top of it all, comes the cost.

We all want sound, beautiful teeth that will last a lifetime without having to be faced with unexpected dental crises.

Let’s be realistic. Restorative dentistry and implant dentistry are elective procedures which can be planned and done over time. There is no need to approach the treatment without careful thought and understanding. It is not a matter of ‘drill, fill, bill’.

We are not talking about an immediate problem like a broken tooth or an abscess. These have to be taken care of immediately but how does one prevent such problems from happening in the future and preserve one’s long-term dental health? That is what good prosthodontic dentistry is all about.

A broken tooth or an abscessed tooth needs to be treated with a long-term solution in mind. There are treatment choices to consider as part of a solution for long-term dental health. Many times the decision does not have to be made immediately but you, the patient can be given the opportunity of reviewing the options without any pressure of time. It is possible to provide relief of pain and comfort promptly and then set about establishing a long-term dental plan. Know and understand that good dentistry is a wonderful long-term investment.

Go ahead and establish your long-term dental health needs now. Understand the commitment to time, effort and expense but also understand that a holding situation is oftentimes practical and feasible. Good dental care is important but usually not urgent.

The most important factor in long-term dental health is to keep your teeth free of plaque with effective daily brushing and flossing.

Regular professional cleaning and effective home care are essential to prevent any further deterioration whilst preparing to undertake extensive treatment. A holding situation in anticipation of extensive treatment is a very practical approach in achieving a long-term goal and is cost effective.

Don’t neglect your teeth and allow problems to become worse. Seek a specialist opinion from a prosthodontist now and plan accordingly. Be a partner with us in helping to look after you.

We would love to help you keep your teeth a lifetime. Let us plan together. Give us a call.