January 2016 - Prosthodontist in Johannesburg
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January 2016

It is quite amazing how many people take their teeth for granted!

Everybody wants a beautiful smile with sound healthy teeth. That does not happen just by itself.

As I have written many times, the dental care starts from childhood with parental responsibility and guidance to the young child on how to look after their teeth. Effective brushing and plaque control together with a controlled sugar-free diet is a key to long-term dental health.

Unfortunately teeth sometimes do decay and a restoration is indicated.

What is the appropriate restoration to use?

There are choices of materials to use and each has their pros and cons. This decision needs to be made together with the dentist so that you as the patient can choose appropriately. No filling can last a lifetime but some materials are certainly better than others. The short-term expense should not be a consideration for long-term benefit. Cheap is expensive.

Dentistry is blind. The patient has no idea what the dentist is actually doing nor has the patient any control on the procedure being performed. Has there been a planning appointment designed to discuss and empower the patient prior to the commencement of treatment.

Once treatment has been completed:-

  • Has the appropriate material been chosen?
  • Has the tooth been adequately prepared?
  • Has the tooth been restored to its original anatomy or just filled?
  • Has the filling been properly placed?
  • Is there an open contact?
  • Is there post-operative sensitivity?
  • Is there an ill- fitting margin that will set the tooth up for recurrent decay
  • Is the technical work of the highest standard possible?
  • How many times will the filling need to be replaced in a lifetime?
  • Are the gums now in a healthy state ?
  • Can the restored teeth be adequately kept plaque free?

These are real questions that have an impact on long-term dental health.

So what can you do about it? Is it possible to check. The answer is yes.

It is suggested that you visit a prosthodontist for his assessment and evaluation. This is the way to possibly avoid unnecessary long-term problems the treatment of which may involve a commitment to time, effort and expense.

Have the work done right the first time. Please us a call. You will certainly be coming to the right place.