December 2015 - Prosthodontist in Johannesburg
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December 2015

How To Preserve Your Wealth!

The patients who come into our office are from all walks of life. It is quite amazing what a variety of vocations people find themselves in. It is unbelievable. Each patient is so interesting. I so enjoy deviating from talking about teeth and talking about life in general and our unique activities in particular. This is much more interesting and less painful.
Let’s meet Andy, fiftyish and also a grandfather. He is a well respected financial consultant and stockbroker. He visited me this week for his recall appointment. He has been a loyal patient of record for years. In fact, he was one of the first patients for whom I replaced a tooth with an implant. That was many years ago and the tooth is still going well. For him that was a good investment. The rest of his mouth remains immaculate. He does his homework: brushing and flossing. He took our advice seriously and now reaps the benefit.

We started talking about things financial and we speculated on what a person should do if they came up on a large sum of money. Just imagine. The value needed to be preserved over time. We came to the conclusion that there is nothing better then benefiting from the power of compound interest over time. We also agreed that choosing a good portfolio of stocks and shares to be held for the long haul reaps enormous gain. But what financial instrument does one choose to achieve these results? Does one rely on one’s own intuition and limited knowledge or does one turn to a professional? And, if one turns to a professional, how does one know that he has one’s interest at heart and is not out for personal gain?

Effective home care is no less important than reading a daily financial newspaper.
Although many of us don’t often come upon a large sum of money, we all come upon the opportunity of having a beautiful set of teeth that can last for life. Like the investment adviser, we need to be shown early on how to look after our precious teeth that come to us for nothing (except for teething pains). Teeth are for free. Don’t take them for granted.

Financial markets often experience turbulence and unsettled times. The skill is to see them through with steadfastness. Go for the long-haul, just like twice daily brushing with persistence and effectiveness. Don’t be lax.

Teeth are constantly being battered by the accumulation of plaque. Bacteria are normal inhabitants in your mouth and our job is to remove the plaque on a daily basis. The skill is to keep your teeth plaque-free and in pristine condition.

A major aggravating factor, like a market fallout, is a development of the cavity that now needs to be restored. In reality, that is a catastrophe that could have been anticipated. (Regular dental visits and x-rays when indicated are like reading a financial report). Any disruption of the integrity of the natural tooth is the beginning of the end. Sometimes it is quick; sometimes it is slow. Understand that there are no guarantees that a restoration will last forever. The chances may be greater if done by a specialist prosthodontist.

Prevention is better than cure. We know how plaque accumulates. We know that a good diet is essential. We know that sugars promote tooth decay and we know that children should be limited in their consumption of sweets. It all depends on us as parents to show the way.

Just as a good financial adviser is sine qua non, so is a good dentist and the choice of right material is a sine qua non.

Common sense and the appropriate knowledge and advice will lead to financial security.
Effective dental care both at home and professionally will lead to teeth that will last a lifetime.

Call us for sound advice and guidance. It will be worth it!