January 2015 - Prosthodontist in Johannesburg
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January 2015

By: Dr Gerald Kaplan

Many dentists, surgeons as well as restorative dentists could be confused, because some in the dental implants industry are saying that you can do it all yourself- drill the hole, do the restoration. From a different perspective, why not just scan the implant placement and fill out the lab’s slip to order a final restoration. No problem they say, it’s all done for you. What do you need a team for when it is so simple now, right?

The one-person approach might be fine if you are working with models, but we are working with patients who want to live longer and better. Our patients are becoming more complex, not simpler.

The American Academy of Osseo Integration is dedicated to the principle that there is a great advantage of sitting down with colleagues from all disciplines and seeing things from a broader perspective than strictly within one field.

The restorative dentists need to understand the surgical aspects. They need to understand what the surgeon’s limitations are. In the same way, the surgeon needs to understand the restorative aspects to create a surgical result that compliments the restoration, not complicated it, says Dr Donald S. Clem.

The theme for this year’s annual programme of the Academy of Osseo integration in San Francisco is “Science, Collaboration and Clinical Excellence for 30 years”.

Our practice subscribes to the philosophy of team effort so as to ensure that our patients receive the best treatment possible.

Patients want to be cared for. We want to show that when a patient is missing a part of the body, it is a very personal, emotional journey.