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Do You Play Chess?

By Dr Gerald Kaplan

Do you play chess? If so, that is wonderful and perhaps we can play each other sometime. Just give me a call.

If not, let me explain the rudiments of the game. The chessboard has 16 pieces for both opponents set up on either side of the board. This equals a total of 32 pieces. This is just what we have in the mouth – 32 permanent teeth. One’s teeth come into the mouth perfect and intact baring any childhood problems. They are designed to last a lifetime.

Back to chess…The game of chess has three parts. It has a beginning, a middle game, and endgame.
The beginning represents a perfect situation from which the game begins. We all start off adult life with a potentially perfect set of teeth, but what happens afterwards is completely under our control with the correct home care and correct professional care. Effective homecare should be taught at an early age .
The wrong move in the middle game leads to losing. Inadequate homecare and lack of regular professional care could eventually lead to losing one or more teeth.

Teeth are designed to last a lifetime. Ineffective brushing and not using dental floss, encourages plaque
accumulation which is the cause of tooth decay and gum disease.

A regular 6-monthly visit is major move in looking after your teeth.

So when is the time to see a prosthodontist? The earlier the better in young adult life. Prevention is better than cure. The choice of final restorative material and the skill of the operator are major factors in ensuring the ongoing health of one’s teeth. A prosthodontist has 3 years of additional training to serve you better.

Now what about the end game? In chess it is about winning.

In dentistry, it’s about enjoying a perfect set of teeth that will last a lifetime. The moves and choices that one makes early on affects the ultimate outcome.

Many adults present with major challenges which could have been avoided if dealt with timeously. Some of the problems that an adult presents with include failing poor quality restorative dentistry using the wrong materials and being done to a less than ideal level of clinical excellence; early loss of teeth; poor root canal therapy; gum disease and an undiagnosed orthodontic problem. These situations typically become challenging and difficult to correct and often involve a multidisciplinary team effort. The treatment can be costly and time-consuming.

Playing chess has many benefits. Seeing a prosthodontist has many benefits too.
• Increase your self-esteem
• gain more confidence
• ease in chewing
• teeth that will last a lifetime

It is easy to win the game! Give us a call: (011) 483 2281/1

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